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House of the Pannonian sea

Stories of Miocene life written in the rocks of Papuk

The existing visitor centre in Velika was renovated and now features one of Papuk’s most interesting geological stories about the long-gone Pannonian Sea.

Most Miocene deposits with fossils can be found on the southern slopes of Papuk from the village of Vrhovci to Velika. These deposits are proof of the former coast of the “Slavonian Archipelago” and were therefore used as the theme of the presentation and education of visitors to this part of Papuk Nature Park.

The furnishing and equipping of the visitor centre in Velika - the House of the Pannonian Sea – represents an important part of the “Geostories of the UNESCO Geopark” project. Furnishing included both the presentation area inside the building and the surrounding exterior functioning as space intended for educational programmes and various workshops on natural and cultural heritage of Papuk Nature Park.