Let's dive into the Pannonian Sea

Papuk Nature Park provides great recreational and educational opportunities for elementary school students.

One of the teaching methods we use at our institution are workshops that enable our young visitors to learn about the specific biological and geological features of the Park and its natural, cultural and historical attractions.

Maximum group size: 25 students
Target group: elementary school students
Type of visit: one-day trip (10 a.m.-6 p.m.)



Time Workshops
10 a.m. arrival in the Papuk Nature Park building (substation in Velika)
10 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. visit to the House of the Pannonian Sea
11.30 a.m.– 1.30 p.m. workshop(s) of choice
1.30 p.m. – 2.30 p.m. lunch break and rest
2.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. adventure park
5.30 p.m. – 6 p.m. award presentation

Teachers and students can choose the type of the first workshop they attend.

At least 15 students should participate in the workshop. Depending on the student's interest, several workshops can take place at the same time. The workshops can be adapted in accordance with the age of the students who plan to attend them.



1. Rocks and Fossils

Main concepts: geology, rocks, fossils, crystallization, tectonic plates, the Pannonian Sea

Description:The activity includes introducing students to the formation of rocks on Papuk, geological past of the Geopark and fossilization of extinct plants and animals that once lived in this area. In addition to the theoretical part, the programme includes a practical workshop titled “Make your own fossil”, where the students make a mould of a shell fossil from modelling clay and cast the fossil using plaster, imitating the process that occurred in the geological past.

2. Heritage of the Past

Main concepts: archaeology, fortresses, the Middle Ages, defence, weapons, pottery

Description: The activity includes an introduction to the methods of research at the Velički Grad archaeological site. Attendants can learn about the architectural heritage of the Middle Ages and the functioning of the glassworks. They participate in creative activities using modelling clay.

3. Orienteering

Main concepts: topographic map, compass, GPS device, cardinal directions, sundial, geocaching

Description: The activity includes familiarizing with the surrounding area by using a hardcopy topographic map, learning to orient in space by determining cardinal directions with the help of natural phenomena and a compass. The activity takes place at Duboka camp ground. Afterwards, participants are introduced to the spatial orientation game of geocaching – searching for hidden geocaches by using GPS devices and smartphones. Outdoor activities include learning how to find a suitable location to set up a tent, setting-up of the tent, as well as sleeping bags and underlays, learning how to behave in nature and how and where to build a campfire (finding firewood), how to cook food (roast sausages) over a campfire, etc.

4. Creek

Main concepts:running waters, stagnant waters, natural water cycle, the importance of water for people, plants and animals, types of coast, mills on the Dubočanka creek.

Teachers in collaboration with parents and students select the workshops.
Students can have lunch at Duboka camp ground.

Description: The activity includes learning about the major types of freshwater ecosystems and their main characteristics. Participants learn about the habitat’s most common plants and animals and how to observe their main characteristics. The properties of water such as transparency, depth, velocity and cleanliness are determined based on the water’s chemical parameters, but also on the tiny animals that live in the creek. The workshop takes place along the course of the Dubočanka creek.

5. Forest

Main concepts: continental deciduous forest, forest stratification, plant adaptations

Description: The activity includes learning about the main characteristics of the living forest community, the difference between the deciduous and evergreen trees, observation of the forest layers, calculating the approximate age and height of a tree and determining the species. The activity takes place near the Duboka camp ground, i.e. the Dubočanka creek.

6. Grasslands

Main concepts: continental grasslands, rocky terrain, habitat parameters

Description: The activity includes learning about the main characteristics of the living grassland community, which includes learning about the most common plant and animal species, as well as about the habitat’s parameters such as temperature, exposition, soil thickness and soil types, etc. Presentation of the protected species of the rocky terrain (orchids, the chequered lily). The activity takes place in the Turjak botanical reserve.


The House of the Pannonian Sea offers guided tours, with at least a 5-day advance notice for group visits.

Group visits

The duration of the guided tour is 1.5 hour, maximum group size 25 persons.

Groups must strictly adhere to the arranged time of visit. Visit can be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the visit.

Price: ticket HRK 30.00 /person

NOTE: for groups of more than 50 persons we offer a 10% discount

For all further information and notification of a group visit, please contact us at:
E-mail: turizam@pp-papuk.hr ; kontakt@pp-papuk.hr
Phone: 034/ 313 – 029: fax: 034/313 – 027
Mobile: 099/2731 – 064

Note: If the visit is not notified in advance, we are not obligated to provide the services of an educator for the tour.

For more information on other educational programmes offered by Papuk Nature Park visit the Park’s official website: https://pp-papuk.hr/organiziraj-posjet

Price list

Educational programme “Let’s Dive into the Pannonian Sea” – HRK 100 /student.


- a tour of the House of the Pannonian Sea – HRK 30 /student
- additional workshop by choice – HRK 20 /student
- use of the Adventure Park – HRK 50 /student

More information of Duboka Adventure Park

Individual ticket for the House of the Pannonian Sea (free admission for children younger than 7) HRK 10
Guided tours for individual visitors -adults HRK 30
Guided tours for individual visitors –children younger than 18 HRK 20
Family ticket including guided tour (maximum 2 adults) HRK 70

for individual visits on weekdays the House of the Pannonian Sea is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Minimum one-day advance notice for visits on weekends and visits with guided tours.